The below courses are currently available, please contact us for more information.


Advanced Embalming / Reconstruction Course

lippiphotography-39s-purves-0-101 The course will cover in detail the following embalming and reconstruction procedures

  • Practical rebuilding of skull
  • Facial trauma
  • Waxing techniques
  • Cosmetology
  • Derma sugery
  • Dealing with obese case
  • Dealing with drowning case
  • Dealing with decomposition case

Course Length: 7-14 Days

Derma Pro Cosmetic Course

cosmeticshead Attend the one day Derma Pro course and learn how to cover those unwanted marks quickly and effectively: razor burn, dehydration and all discolourations

  • Fast fix solutions
  • Touching up
  • Application techniques
  • Blending and shading
  • Use of illusion kits
  • Use of powders
  • All “hands-on” practical
Course Length: 1 Day

First Offices Techniques Course

318w6464 Attend the one day course on how to present the deceased in a professional and dignified manner.

  • Presentation of mouth
  • Presentation of eyes
  • Care of hands/nails
  • Positioning of head
  • Presenting the deceased in the coffin
  • Placement of coffin in chapel

Course Length: 1 Day

Introduction To Restorative Art

cosmetics_1 Attend the two day course. Course includes:

  • Waxing techniques
  • Bone restructuring
  • How to deal with facial restructuring

Course Length: 2 Days

Practical Embalming Training On Straight And Post Mortems

lippiphotography-39s-purves-0-102 Course Includes:

  • Presentation of the deceased
  • Shipping cases
  • A variety of cases will be covered that may be en-counted on a day to day basis:
  • Obese
  • Decomposition
  • Jaundice
  • Infections Cases

Course Length: 1 – 30 Days

Airbrush Cosmetic Course

Coming Soon…